ZCS Azzurro at the 16th Photovoltaic Symposium in Bern

ZCS Azzurro at the 16th Photovoltaic Symposium in Bern
11 April 2018

The annual National Photovoltaics Symposium has established itself as the Swiss platform for the deepening of discussions on all aspects of solar energy use. It is organized by Swissolar together with the Association of Swiss Electric Companies (AES) and SwissEnergy.

At the 16th National Photovoltaic Symposium this year, the road to the new energy panorama will be traced: how the groupings work for their own consumption, how could the photovoltaic systems in the building envelope be better integrated, how networks are combined of distribution, photovoltaics, batteries and electric mobility, what is moving in the research on photovoltaics - these are just some of the questions we will try to deal with next 19-20 April in Bern.

ZCS Azzurro will present its photovoltaic technology, both for inverter applications and for storage applications.


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