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How does it work?

What is An inverter?

What is
An inverter?

The inverter is an essential component in photovoltaic systems. The solar energy produced by the panels and transformed into electrical one is not directly usable because it is not compatible with the normal operation of all equipment.

The inverter does nothing but collecting all that the solar panels are able to produce and transform this electrical energy in order to make it immediately usable or storable in the battery storage systems.

How does The inverter work?

How does
The inverter work?

The inverter operates through an internal electronic conversion system that takes DC voltage generated by the panels and transforms it into AC voltage.

The system is automatically controlled and doesn’t require any special controls for switching on/off.

How to install An inverter

How to install
An inverter

Simply connecting it to the panels and to the grid, using the specific connections. Moreover it can be easily assembled on the wall by ad hoc brackets.

It is also possible to install more than one inverter in the same system in order to have more available power.

The advantages Of an inverter

The advantages
Of an inverter

A renewable energy-based system has huge advantages in terms of energy saving and environmental awareness.

Lower consumption, increase of  self-produced energy and  higher  efficiency represent the future of energy.


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ZCS Azzurro

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