Always sensitive to environmental and energy-saving issues, in 2016 ZCS created a Business Unit dedicated to renewable energy and the most innovative solutions, conceived from the integration of ideas and technologies aimed at improving quality of life, operational efficiency and energy savings for people and companies.

The Green Innovation Division presented itself to the main market players with ZCS Azzurro, immediately winning the trust of the international market. Azzurro is the latest  generation inverter that combines ZCS “IT” and “smart” intelligence with the most advanced electronic technologies to create a new concept of photovoltaic inverters. This range was joined by energy storage systems and energy saving solutions.


Smart Ideas, Smart Future


Zucchetti Centro Sistemi SpA (ZCS) was founded in 1985 as a Software House. The innovative spirit of its founder Fabrizio Bernini, now President of the company, allowed the company to quickly establish itself in the international markets of robotics and automation. In 2000 ZCS became part of Zucchetti S.p.a., the first Italian software company in Europe.

The Company is made up of five Business Units (Software, Automation, Healthcare, Robotics and Green Innovation) that meet the need to diversify and extend the knowhow acquired in the design of management software to different and complementary fields, aimed at guaranteeing an excellent and unparalleled service. Today the company stands out for its innovative, high-performing and competitive solutions that integrate the state-of-the-art technologies.


We want to become international leaders in designing and delivering progressive and performing software, hardware and service solutions to allow our clients business agility, process improvement and capacity expansions. Our clients are ought to put their business practices on a sound footing in order to be able to meet today’s and future global challenges.


Innovation as a culture. The courage to design and create products that do not exist yet, but that could improve and simplify the everyday life of consumers.

In 2005 ZCS founded the “Laboratory of Ideas”, i.e. the R&D department consisting of more than 30 researchers, IT experts, electronic engineers, mechanics and designers, who combine their creativity and know-how to develop the most innovative solutions for the various Business Units in the field of IoT (Internet of Things), Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.
Human capital is the winning force of ZCS, driven by the sharing of corporate values: creativity, enthusiasm, passion, job responsibility, ethics and respect.


An innovative future-oriented company that is aware of its origins and territory, and that continues to grow focusing on technology, environmental sustainability and energy savings.



ZCS Azzurro inverter installed in 2018


Storage systems sold in 2018


Different string inverters from 1KW to 70KW


European Countries where we export our products

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