Azzurro – Hybrid storage inverter hyd 10000 t / hyd 20000 t

Azzurro – Hybrid storage inverter hyd 10000 t / hyd 20000 t

Azzurro – Hybrid storage inverter hyd 10000 t / hyd 20000 t

The brand-new ZCS Azzurro hybrid threephase inverter is available in three power capacities (10-15-20kW) to meet the storage needs of the commercial sector. Full power available also directly from the battery during a power outage, and the high storage capacity make it the ideal solution to ensure continuous operation and optimisation of self-consumption.

Furthermore, the possibility of parallel installation guarantees scalability for higher power and greater storage capacity. Like every inverter in the Azzurro series, all this is accompanied by easy and flexible installation.


The current sensor on the meter side ensures maximum self-consumption.

High Performing

Fast and precise Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT). Optimum yield and maximum efficiency of 97.6%


Ensures continuity of power supply even in the event of a power outage.


The Wi-Fi connection allows data to be monitored remotely, both from the App or website.


It can be combined with Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries supplied by ZCS.


Die-cast aluminium, IP65 protection rating and high quality components.

Certifications, User Manuals and Warranties

  • Datasheet hybrid 3PH (en 2020) pdf 1.7MB
  • User manual hybrid inverter 3PH (en) (Rev. 1.2) pdf 4.1MB
    • Connection of CT sensors or meter on hybrid inverter three-phase (en) pdf 2.0MB
    • Connection of PyIontech battery modules (en) pdf 2.4MB
        General battery datasheet - pdf 557KB
        • Datasheet Pylontech HV batteries (en 2020) pdf 112KB
        • Datasheet Weco HV batteries (en 2020) pdf 96KB

        Other features

        Simple and reliable

        Automatic management of the energy flows from the photovoltaic system, battery and grid

        Dual MPPT

        LCD graphic display for local monitoring

        Remote monitoring system via APP for viewing consumption, PV production, energy stored and exchanged with the grid

        Simple installation

        On-board Energy Metre

        Does not require changes or upgrades to the existing electrical system thanks to the use of an open-core current sensor

        Possibility of parallel installation

        Flexible discharge solution

        Flexible charging/discharging management in accordance with local standards

        Maximisation of self-consumption above 80%

        Possibility of operation in zero grid feed-in mode

        Unit compatible with both lithium batteries and other 48V technologies

        Functionality in the event of grid disconnection

        Stand-Alone support mode guarantees continuity of operation and “island” operation, both from the photovoltaic source and from the battery in case of a power failure.

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