Azzurro ZCS Storage Solution Inverter 3000SP

Azzurro ZCS Storage Solution Inverter 3000SP

Azzurro ZCS Storage Solution Inverter 3000SP

The storage solution Inverter ZCS Azzurro is ideal to achieve optimum energy independence in the residential sector.

With a rated power of 3 kW and a storage capacity of up to 10 kWh, it suits all types of requirements in new systems.

In addition, thanks to the AC connection, Azzurro is compatible with any type of technology (solar, wind, etc.) and with any type of inverter; it is therefore the ideal solution for updates and the optimisation of existing systems.


Suitable for any type of installation thanks to the connection to the AC line

Easy to install

No modification to the existing wiring is required


Thanks to the feedback from the external current sensor, ensures the maximum self-consumption


Ensures Ac power back up in case of blackout


It adapts to any size of installation and allows a free dimensioning of the battery pack


Suitable for differnt sizes of batteries (up to 10kWh) either lead acid or lithiun ion

Certifications, User Manuals and Warranties

  • User Manual - Azzurro ZCS Storage 3000SP pdf 2.1MB
  • Firmware update via sd card procedure on 3000SP storage system pdf 1.7MB
  • Preliminary checks and first start-up procedure 3000SP pdf 777KB
  • Wi-fi card configuration procedure on 3000SP storage system pdf 1.7MB
  • Storagebox specifications for Pylontech Batteries pdf 966KB

Other features

Simple and reliable

Energy exchange directly in AC, with no interface systems or external control required
LCD display for local monitoring
Remote monitoring system via APP to view consumptions, PV production, energy stored and exchange with the grid

Simple installation

Compatible with all existing inverters already connected to the grid
No interventions required on the existing electrical system, thanks to the use of a split core current sensor

Flexible discharge solution

Flexible management of charging/discharging in accordance with local regulations
Maximisation of self-consumption of up to above 80%
Suitable for installation on single-phase and three-phase systems alike
Unit compatible with lithium batteries as well as other 48V technologies (lead, gel, salt water, etc.)

Functions when disconnected from the grid

Stand Alone support mode guarantees continuity of operation during power black-outs

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