Azzurro – Three Phase String Inverter 10KTL-15KTL V2

Azzurro – Three Phase String Inverter 10KTL-15KTL V2

Azzurro – Three Phase String Inverter 10KTL-15KTL V2

The 10KTL-15KTL V2 Azzurro threephase inverter is the best solution for medium-sized photovoltaic systems installed in commercial and industrial buildings.

The Italian technology developed by ZCS makes the Azzurro series efficient, versatile and highly functional.

Available in capacities from 10 to 15kW, they have external “Plug & Play” connections and therefore are easy to install and configure. Their technical characteristics adapt to any type of need in both new installations and retrofit projects.


Top energy efficiency class; max. possible efficiency: 98.3%


Available in basic and high-equipped configuration


High efficiency, double channel MPPT, fast and precise tracking


Wide imput voltage range


UV resistant aluminum chassis with anti-corrosion protection


5-10 year warranty. High quality components, long service life

Certifications, User Manuals and Warranties

  • Verification of Conformity with EMC (2014.30.EU) - 10-15KTL-V2 pdf 217KB
  • Verification of Conformity with LVD (2014.35.EU) - 10-15KTL-V2 pdf 293KB
  • Verification of Conformity with IEC61000 - 10-15KTL-V2 pdf 234KB
  • Verification of Conformity with IEC62109 - 10-15KTL-V2 pdf 293KB
  • Attestation of Conformity with EN50549 - 10-15KTL-V2 pdf 157KB
  • Certification of Conformity with VDE4105 - 10-15KTL-V2 [DE] pdf 1.3MB
  • Certification of Network and System Protection VDE4105 - 10-15KTL-V2 [DE] pdf 238KB
  • Certification of Conformity with UTE_C15 & VDE0126 - 10-15KTL-V2 pdf 152KB
  • Certification of Conformity with UNE 206 007-1 - 10-15KTL-V2 [ES] pdf 502KB

        Other features

        Zcs Azzurro Technology

        Performance optimisation
        Wi-Fi integration on ZCS platform for stable, effective and intelligent connectivity

        Maximum Energy Efficiency

        Maximum performance 98,3%
        Stable efficiency in all working conditions
        Rapid and accurate MPPT algorithm
        Dual input section with independent MPPTs

        Flexible, Economical And Easy-To-Install Solution

        Protection rating of IP65
        Fast connection without the need to access internal parts
        Possibility to communicate via Wi-Fi or Ethernet
        Power Management Unit
        4-inch LCD graphic display
        Updates and diagnostics via USB

        Reliability, Durability And Flexibility

        Rust-proof, corrosion-proof and UVproof aluminium exterior casing
        Maximum DC voltage 1000 V
        Flexible and user-friendly management of operating parameters
        Topology without transformer
        5 - 10 year ZCS warranty

        Intelligent Grid Management

        Dynamic management of grid feed-in
        “Zero Grid Feed-in” functionality (possible through anti-reverse power controller ZSM-ZERO INJ)
        Possibility to manage reactive power
        Remote control of the deliverable active/reactive power limit

        Ideal For Retrofit

        Wide operating input range from 230V to 960V also suitable for small-sized string plants
        Extremely compact size
        Simple and user-friendly installation and configuration
        Dual MPPT channel

        ZCS Azzurro

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