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In the age of the Internet of Things, our goal is to offer a technically advanced, reliable and high-performing product with the added advantage of making the photovoltaic system part of a Smart Home, aimed at improving the quality of life, operational efficiency and energy savings of those who choose ZCS technology.

Azzurro is the latest generation inverter that combines and integrates ZCS “IT” and “smart” intelligence with the most advanced electronic technology to create a new concept of photovoltaic inverters.

Azzurro focuseson maximising efficiency and optimising yield, but also and above all on enhancing connectivity.


The wide range of ZCS Azzurro products meets all energy requirements for residential, commercial and industrial applications. More than 50 models are available, ranging in sizes
from 1 to 6 Kw single-phase and from 3.3 to 70 Kw three-phase, in addition to a wide range of equipment and accessories. The offer is completed by energy storage solutions (AC
or hybrid) up to 30 kWh, simple and flexible, dedicated to new constructions or retrofit systems.

The die-cast aluminium and IP65 protection rating make ZCS Azzurro a robust and highquality product, backed by a 10-year warranty. The extremely simple installation and configuration, combined with the efficiency of the support team have been designed to improve the customer’s quality of life.




ZCS Azzurro not only allows checking and monitoring the energy produced in a day, but also to autonomously decide when and which household appliances to activate and deactivate, simply by using a mobile network or Internet connection, anywhere and anytime. The wide range of ZCS products is completed with Lithium Iron-Phosphate or Lithium-Ion batteries, tested and fully compatible with the functions of the Azzurro inverters.

«At the beginning of the second decade of 2000 we experienced the development of the solar energy market whose exponential growth, however, was conditioned by incentives. Today, net  of the various grants and subsidies we believe that the time is ripe to enter the PV as part of the strategic sectors for ZCS» says Riccardo Filosa, Sales Director of ZCS Innovation Solutions «We have created a high-end product integrating our advanced control system developed by the experience of ZCS Idealab team»



Fast assembly and installation


High quality components, long service life


Thanks to the multifunction graphic display


Latest Inverter with wi-fi on board

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