HV Batteries

The high voltage batteries for ZCS Azzurro three-phase hybrid inverters and storage systems are the best solution for optimising energy independence in residential applications.

Capable of being installed in series up to a capacity of 60kWh, they are ideal for storage installations with ZCS Azzurro inverters. They configure themselves automatically, so there is no need for manual settings.

The Lithium Ion or Lithium-Iron-Phosphate technology allows efficient use even at high depths of discharge by optimising energy storage and reuse. Easy installation and long service life make these batteries highly efficient and practical.

Batteria ZCS Azzurro HV ZBT 5 K
Epd 24576
HV Batteries HV ZBT 5K

HV Batteries HV Pylontec

HV Batteries HV Weco

HV Batteries ZCS Azzurro


› Communication cables, power and battery connection cables always included

› Floor or rack installation

› Possibility of installing additional batteries at any time during the life of the system

› A total capacity of up to 60kWh can be installed

App and Software

App and Software

The ZCS APP and portal make monitoring the entire range of Azzurro inverters simple.

The ZCS Azzurro APP is free to download from Google Play and the App Store and is simple to set up. Both systems enable the creation of graphs that show production, consumption and other important data. The data is automatically updated every 5 minutes.

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