App and Software

The entire range of ZCS Azzurro inverters can be easily monitored via the APP and ZCS Portal

ZCS Azzurro Utilty


Configure your inverter

The configurator is used to ensure accurate sizing settings for your entire system and all the ZCS Azzurro series photovoltaic inverters. Select the geographic area in which the system is installed, the inverter model to be sized and the photovoltaic module you wish to use. If the required module is not listed on the configurator, enter the details manually.


ZCS Azzurro Configuratore


Simple and intuitive monitoring

The new ZCS Azzurro portal allows for simple and user-friendly monitoring of all the ZCS Azzurro products, using different profiles for different functions and a multi-utility service to view multiple systems with one single access. Alarm emails with two types of reports available for full profiles. User-friendly dashboard complete with information on instant and summary energy related data.


ZCS Azzurro Portal


Monitoring via app

The ZCS Azzurro App allows for simple and user-friendly monitoring of all the Azzurro series products. The App provides access to the inverter and storage system data, providing a complete overview of all energy flows.

ZCS Azzurro App