Tech Hub 2024

This section offers short video tutorials dedicated to specific technical issues, created to provide a straightforward and engaging understanding of specific topics. They offer clear and detailed explanations on a wide range of subjects related to ZCS Azzurro, both before and after sales, and are always available online for convenient access whenever and wherever needed.
The TECH HUB is a part of the ZCS Education project (ZCS is EA37 certified with the qualification of Centre Authorised for 4.0 Training), which aims to spread the culture of innovation and eco-sustainability and in particular to update technical and commercial partners on new products in the portfolio.

To activate the subtitles for the videos, follow these simple steps:
- Open the video and locate the "gear" icon in the lower-right corner of the player.
- Click on the "gear" icon.
- Go to the list of available subtitles for the video.
- Select the language you prefer.

1. ZCS Azzurro Configurator

2. Azzurro Systems App

3. ZCS Azzurro Portal