ZSC Azzurro Inverter more and more smart with Tigo Energy

Published on 07-11-2017

Zcs azzurro

On the occasion of the 11th edition of Key Energy in Rimini, Zucchetti Centro Sistemi, Innovation Division, announces its partnership with Tigo Energy - the pioneer of the Flex Flex Flexible Platform platform.

The meeting between the Azzurro range and the universal TS4 platform, already adopted by leading photovoltaic module manufacturers, marks the birth of a smart solution designed for residential and commercial systems, enhanced by the Tigo module-level monitoring experience , characterized by maximum flexibility thanks to the different levels of optimization.

"This is a strategic partnership," says Averaldo Farri, Director of the Innovation Division of ZCS ", whose primary objective is to offer technical solutions that are compatible with all those situations where there is a need to optimize a photovoltaic system due to shadowing or other impediments similar. "

The choice of the Tigo product is motivated by the extreme flexibility of that solution and the simplicity of coupling with the Azzurro product range," says Farri. ZCS confirms a strong development in the renewable energy sector with an ever-growing, flexible and smart product range. It is presenting for the second year at the Rimini fair event, which is part of the new Solar Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition (pad B7 - stand 125).

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