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Monitoring Systems ZCS COMBOX

Control Systems ZCS COMBOX

ZCS ComBox is the tool that enables an industrial photovoltaic system, consisting of one or more inverters, to perform the zero feed-in function.

The ZCS ComBox can control the power produced by the ZCS Azzurro inverters and constantly monitor the system's consumption. In particular, if the system detects energy consumption, it will signal the inverter to reduce consumption to zero. Conversely, if the system detects zero energy consumption, the ZCS ComBox will stop energy production, even in the presence of high irradiation.

The system can be connected to numerous ZCS Azzurro* inverter models.

*ZCS Azzurro inverters that can be connected to the ZCS ComBox:


Compatible with a wide range of ZCS Azzurro devices


Intelligent and adjustable management algorithms


Constant updating and archiving of data


No limit to the amount of power it can manage

App and Software

App and Software

The ZCS APP and portal make monitoring the entire range of Azzurro inverters simple.

The ZCS Azzurro APP is free to download from Google Play and the App Store and is simple to set up. Both systems enable the creation of graphs that show production, consumption and other important data. The data is automatically updated every 5 minutes.

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