Monitoring Systems

ZCS Connext
ZCS connext

Monitoring Systems ZCS Connext

The ZCS CONNEXT system is able to effectively supervise and control all ZCS devices. It can be connected to photovoltaic systems, storage systems and charging stations for ZCS Azzurro electric vehicles, and allows monitoring and controlling all the systems in an intelligent and predictive way.

ZCS CONNEXT interfaces with external current sensors which makes it suitable for installations where third-party inverters are present. The programmable functions allow intelligent use of renewable energies and accurate programming of the charging of storage batteries or electric vehicles.

The four programmable outputs can be used to switch on the utilities according to settable criteria. ZCS CONNEXT represents the last frontier in consumption optimisation!


Compatible with all ZCS Azzurro devices


Can also be used in installations with different brands


Possibility of setting intelligent management algorithms


Equipped with inputs for system monitoring sensors

App & Software

App & Software

The entire range of ZCS Azzurro inverters can be easily monitored using the ZCS APP and portal. The ZCS Azzurro APP can be downloaded free of charge from Google Play and the App Store and is easy to configure.

Both systems allow creating graphs indicating production, consumption and other essential information. The data is automatically updated every 5 minutes.

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